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MontsD's First Electronic Music Album- Intentional Manifestion

MontsD's First Electronic Music Album-  

"Intentional Manifestion"



Featuring Techno, Tech House, and Breaks.  

All music is 100% produced by Matthew MontsDeOca aka MontsDe.  

This is MontsDe's first electronic music album release.   

MontsDe's New Halloween Tech House MIx

A beautiful Mothers Day set by MontsDe

Thank you to BassHenge and Chistophe Lobe

Thank you Burningman Family for such an Amazing week of fun with New Found Friends.     Thank you so much Chrispy for all your hard work to make this the BEST Burning Man I Have experienced in 5 years.




We really slayed it.  


The Rage Commaner Remixes Ice Ice Baby.

Portland Music Producer "The Rage Commaner" Remixes Ice Ice Baby



Remix by MontsDe- Ice Ice Baby

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