Mo'Pro Music LLC- A Portland Production Company and Sound Company

Mo'Pro Music LLC is a Portland based production company headed by MontsDe.   Mo'Pro Music runs a Monstrous TurboSound Floodlight PA Sound system, and handles large-scale mobile sound systems, small-scale audio equipment rentals, DJ’s for hire, event management, major talent acquisitions, choreographed dance performances, event management, and more.

Mo'Pro Music is also launching a new Music Label in the later parts of 2015, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming music releases.  

Mo'Pro music focus on vibey underground dance music events when producing shows, but works with all sorts of other events, concerts, corporate events and more.    Mo’pro offers everything from small scale speaker rentals, to MIC rentals, to choreographed dancers, to large scale sound systems, mixing boards, DJ equipment, stage lighting and more.  Mo'pro also provides event management and staffing.  Mo’Pro music can do it all, and if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, we do have an amazing network of sound and lighting companies to handle anything u could ever want.    


This is what we strive for!  

What Does Mo'Pro Mean to YOU???

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