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Portland Music Event- *Welcome Home with Cheb I Sabbah* Special Cigi Dance Preformance

Cigi Dancer Preformance at Welcome Home

Portland Dancer Cigi delivered such an amazing dance performance at the Portland Music Event called Welcome Home with special Guest Cheb I Sabbah and Hedflux this show was hosted at Refuge in Portland, Oregon. Thank you sooo much Cigi. For more infomation about her go here.


Portland Music Event "Intergalactic Travels"W/ Siren (SF), Kitty D, Graintable, Suff-x, & ElectroKid



December 4th, 1959: A monkey returns to earth safely, after being launched into orbit 55 miles high by the USA.

December 4th, 1998: The first 6 astronauts are taken by Space Shuttle Endeavour to Attach the Unity Module to Zarya FGB to begin the assembly in space of the International Space Station.

December 4th, 2001: Man playing bat mitten sees UFO in sky, reports are made and confirmed.

December 4th, 2008: 24 out of the 32 modules to complete the Space Station are connected.

December 4th, 2010: To celebrate space traveling monkeys, space stations, alien
abductions, intergalactic travel, and alienistic beats we are hosting a "Outer Space" themed party to bring the aliens, space monsters, and humans together one more time to dance their asses off..

Portland Music Events-





Technoca Founder MontsDe to Play at the Opulent Temple Burning Man 2010

MontsDe to Play at the Opulent Temple Burning Man 2010

MontsDe (Technoca) is Booked at Opulent Temple one of Burning Man's largest most sought after saund camps on the Playa.  MontsDe is booked to play on Wednesday morning at 7:00am at the end of the Bassoplis Party.  Please make it out to support an amazing DJ/Producer.   





The Good Life, DJ Brad, Drumcell, and MontsDe Video

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