Family Fun Days 2


Family Fun Days 2

Hello all Mo'Pro Crew is Setting up a Massive Turbosound Floodlight and its newer Funktion One brother in the Woods on the weekend after 4th of July.     We may also have a little KV2 for the people as well.    This event is for people that just want amazing music and fun times without all the BS...

If you want to participate, dj, help out, hang out, do art, preform, dance, project, or what-have you then get at me ASAP.    This event is going to be 100% volunteer based.  

We are all contributing and gathering for the love of music and this event is made by YOU and US together as TEAM AWESOME!  

This is event is going to be for the homies that want to come out have an amazing weekend and listen to some of the best dance music the northwest has to offer.     Send a message here or email if you would like to help out.    

Please only bring the homies, no questionable characters allowed!

OH Yeah!  and there is a Creek so bring your swimming trunks and bathing suits.  

Info line and lineup to be announced.  

Music Selections thus far in order of date booked.   

Mario Maroto aka Mario Gomez
DeafChild aka Ian McIntosh
-xx- aka Brook See
St. Nicholas Thomas Francis
 Garrett Trott
DC Adventure
Jesiah Martin
Joel Cox
Mauricio Zuniga
Infinite Split
Michael Friedman
Jesse De Wall
Travismode John
Josh Spair

To donate to the cause please go here..

What We Need & What You Get

This event is going to be done 100% by donation,
We need to raise around $1300.  The fundraiser site will take around $100 and the rest is below.    The fundraising link will be up shortly.  

We are going to need:
A couple of Port-O-Potties around $400,
2 big generators around $400
Gas for the weekend around $200
Money for decorations $200
Any money not used or money above and beyond will be used for a sunday BBQ!  

To donate to the cause please go here..

And YES DJ's we need your contirbutons too.   Especially if you want a  GOOD TIME SLOT!!!   :)   

We also need volunteers to help pick up trash and break down on Sunday..  

Much Love,