Love the Underground W Drumspyder

We are now offering a limited number of $10 presale tickets to Love the Underground on Feburary 15th  ***HURRY THIS PRICE WONT LAST LONG***


Here is a Free Music Download from MontsDe LIVE @ Family Fun Days 2.

Free download from MontsDe live at Family Fun Days.   Enjoy the Music.




Thank you,



Directions for Family Fun Days.



-Take Hwy 26 west toward Tillamook for about 21 miles.   


-Take a slight left to

merge on to Oregon 6 W aka Wilson River Highway heading towards Tillamook.


-You will pass the Tillamook Forest Center on the right,


-about 4.5 miles later you will see mile marker 18,


 -cross Jordan creek, make your next available left at Jordan Creek Rd.


-follow Jordan Creek Rd. for approx. 2.3 miles, then take a right, cross two bridges,


-continue towards campsite. (.8 miles)




Family Fun Days 2

  Hey Friends,


We are going to be hosting an amazing renegade Family Fun event this weekend on July 5th, 6th, and 7th.   The Info line number is 503-974-4614.   


Directions wont be posted till Thursday or Friday early.     




For more information visit.



Thursday April 4th- Mo’Pro Music Presents The Flashbulb with an Innovative A/V Mapping Sonic Experience

Mo’Pro Music Presents The Flashbulb with an Innovative A/V Mapping Sonic Experience. 

::The Flashbulb - Chicago - presents :TREEFIELD~ an innovative A/V mapped sonic experience

::Bartel - Vancouver BC

::Jacaranda- Portland, OR

::MontsDe- Portland, OR

This is going to be an amazing night of intelligent dance music and mid/down tempo.   And Benn Jordan aka Flashbulb is bringing in he very own amazing Video mapping project we are so in for a treat.    

Special Dance Performance: CiGi

TurboSound:  Mo’Pro Crew

April 4th 2013   10pm-2:30
Cost $7.00
The Barrel Room
105 NW 3rd
Portland, OR 97209

Thursday Feburary 7th 2013- The Age of Aquarius w/ Drum Spyder, Phidelity, ElectroSect, Got J, Elemnatry, Ronin and The Rage Commander

Thursday Feburary 7th 2013-  The Age of Aquarius II

An amazing Portland Music Event concentrating on Gipsy, DownTempo, DrumNBass, Midtempo and More.  


Room 1

Drumspyder- (Dakini Records/ Desert Trax) Oakland, CA

Phidelity- PDX

Electrosect- Seattle

Adham Shaikh, Luke Mandala, & MontsDe in Seattle October 6th, Adham Shaiklh, Nominus, ElCaPtain in Portland October 12th


On Satruday October 6th IN SEATTLE, WA Mo'Pro Crew and LiveN'Love Productions Presents-  Ascension with Adham Shaikh (Canada) , Luke Mandala (Eugene), The Rage Commander(Portland), Hendrik, and Makedon at a Warehouse Location is South Seattle.  10pm-5am, $20.00... Location and information will be aviable the day of the show by calling 216-NINJA4.   

For more info vistit



On Friday October 12th in PORTLAND, OR Mo'Pro Crew will be Hosting The Flower of Life W/ Adham Shaikh (Canada), NoMiNuS (San Francisco), The Rage Commander, Plantrea, ElCaPtAiN, and PipeDream.  Art By Ashley Montague and Josh Spair, Location is Refuge 116 SE Yamhill, Portland, OR.  9pm-5am $20.00.

For more info vistit

Adham Shaiklh, Nominus, ElCaPtain in Portland October 12th and Adham Shaikh and Luke Mandala in Seattle October 6th



On October 6th 2012 in SEATTLE, WA, we are hosting Ascension with Adham Shaikh, Luke Mandala, The Rage Commander, Hendrik, and Maekdon at a Warehouse in Seattle, The Location will be provided the day of the event be calling 216-NINJA4,   This will give you the location of the event...  For more info go here..  Cost $20 10pm-5am




On October 12th 2012 in PORTLAND, OR, we are Hosting  an amazing Portland Music Event called The Flower of Life W/ Adham Shaikh, NoMiNuS, The Rage Commander, Plantrea, ElCaPtAIN, and PipeDream at Refuge in Portland, Oregon..   Cost $20, 9pm-5am, 116 SE Yamhill Portland, OR 97217

Both of these event will be super amazing.   Adham Shaikh is a truly amazing world fusion artist and we are soo blessed to have him coming to preform for the VERY FIRST time in Portland and Seattle. These shows will be Art focused, Interactive, and FUN.. so make sure to make your calanders today..  

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