Portland Music Events- The Age of Aquarius II w/ Drumspyder, Phidelty, ElectroSect, The Rage Commander, Got J, Ronin, Elemntry, & More

The Age of Aquarius II

An amazing Portland Music Event concentrating on Gipsy, DownTempo, DrumNBass, Midtempo and More.  


Room 1

Drumspyder- (Dakini Records/ Desert Trax) Oakland, CA

Phidelity- PDX

Electrosect- Seattle

The Rage Commander- PDX

Room 2

George of the Jungle

Kris Ronin

The Rage Commaner Remixes Ice Ice Baby.

Portland Music Producer "The Rage Commaner" Remixes Ice Ice Baby



Portland Music Event- *Welcome Home with Cheb I Sabbah* Special Cigi Dance Preformance

Cigi Dancer Preformance at Welcome Home

Portland Dancer Cigi delivered such an amazing dance performance at the Portland Music Event called Welcome Home with special Guest Cheb I Sabbah and Hedflux this show was hosted at Refuge in Portland, Oregon. Thank you sooo much Cigi. For more infomation about her go here. http://www.facebook.com/CiGiDancer?ref=ts&fref=ts.


Portland Music Events/ Portland Concerts- The Flower of Life with Adham Shaikh and NoMiNuS



The Flower of Life with Adham Shaikh and NoMiNus
For Tickets Visit: http://adhamshakihportland.bpt.me/

ADHAM SHAIKH –Nelson, Canada-
(Interchill, Dakini Records, Electronic Soundscapes, Liquid Sound Design, Native State, One World Music, Water Music, Nia, Sounds True, Stoned Asia, and the infamous Six Degrees)

Free Music Download MontsDe- Shamanic Yoga Bass- Live Set from Last Thursday on Alberta 07/31/2014 Sorry if you got 2

A gift for all of my family, friends, and followers!    This is a 100% Free Download From the one and only-  MontsDe

Here is the Link to the free downloand






A live set recorded by Matthew MontsDeOca aka MontsDe LIve at Last Thursday on Alberta on 07/31/2014. No edits.

Remix by MontsDe- Ice Ice Baby

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/70515975" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Portland Music- The Good Life

Portland Music at its finest with DJ Brad Moontribe and Drumcell
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